About Us

The first Isles of Scilly product rolled off our printing press in 1973 then with the creation of the 49° Clothing Company in 1990. The brand and product choice have been growing rapidly ever since.  We rebranded to become The IOS Store and our logo is recognised all over the world.

Our website offers all of our most popular items.....zip sweatshirts, rugby shirts, rowing shirts, hoodies, my old t shirt... it's whatever you want it to be.

The IOS Store is well known for producing casual, easy to wear products that are both distinctive and robust. The key to their appeal is the great effort that we put into these garments to look and feel like your 'favourite old friend' right from the outset. The beautiful colour combinations, the wash that we use to achieve that 'lived in look' plus all our unique tabbing and subtle embroidery go towards making our garments unique and special.

49° otherwise known as The IOS Store ... is proud to be born and created on the islands.

49° 55'N  6° 19'W are the co-ordinates of the beautiful Isles Of Scilly. It is also our registered brand name of our popular clothing company!

If you would like to know about getting to the islands log on to www.ios-travel.co.uk